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This is the first post of (hopefully) many, detailing some of my Puppet module implementations. Being the first, I thought I would start off with something simple.


The debsecan program evaluates the security status of a host running the Debian operation system. It reports missing security updates and known vulnerabilities in the programs which are installed on the host.

This is a great package that I wanted installed on all Debian machines across my entire infrastructure. Thanks to Puppet, this is a breeze.

Module layout

greg@codemine:~/code/puppet %> find modules/debsecan

Manifest - init.pp

greg@codemine:~/code/puppet %> cat modules/debsecan/manifests/init.pp
class debsecan {
    package { debsecan: ensure => latest }

    file {
            path => "/etc/default/debsecan",
            owner => root,
            group => "root",
            mode => 644,
            source  => "puppet:///debsecan/debsecan",
            require => Package["debsecan"];
            path => "/etc/cron.d/debsecan",
            owner => root,
            group => "root",
            mode => 644,
            source  => "puppet:///debsecan/debsecan-cron",
            require => Package["debsecan"];

There is really not much to this manifest. It essentially ensures debsecan is installed at the latest available version, it sets up my /etc/default/debsecan config and it ensures there is a cron entry to run it.

Debsecan config

greg@codemine:~/code/puppet %> cat modules/debsecan/files/debsecan
# Configuration file for debsecan.  Contents of this file should
# adhere to the KEY=VALUE shell syntax.  This file may be edited by
# debsecan's scripts, but your modifications are preserved.

# If true, enable daily reports, sent by email.

# For better reporting, specify the correct suite here, using the code
# name (that is, "sid" instead of "unstable").

# Mail address to which reports are sent.

# The URL from which vulnerability data is downloaded.  Empty for the
# built-in default.

Debsecan cron

greg@codemine:~/code/puppet %> cat modules/debsecan/files/debsecan-cron
# cron entry for debsecan

42 * * * * daemon test -x /usr/bin/debsecan && /usr/bin/debsecan --cron
# (Note: debsecan delays actual processing past 2:00 AM, and runs only
# once per day.)

You can grab a copy of all the above files (the complete module) here: debsecan-puppet.tar.gz

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