About This Blog

Hi, I’m Greg and this is my personal blog. You’ll find a lot of tech / programming related posts here, along with posts around some of my hobbies like photography.

I have a passion for open source software, Linux, UNIX, the quest for perfect code and doing everything the best way possible.

What I do

I’m a software and systems architect who lives in New York, USA. I work mostly on systems and network code involving high availability, clustering and scalable architecture. My day job involves working on a number of web based enterprise applications, looking after a bunch of servers and generally doing my part in making the web a better place. I also spend as much time as I can working on open source software and contributing to the open source community.


My interests include Python, Twisted and most things produced by Divmod, C / C++, Java, application architecture, multi-core processing, efficiency, clustering, scalability, photography and music (mostly the guitar).

Where you can find me

E-mail greg[at]sigterm dot sh
IRC wiqd on networks Freenode, ShadowFire and OFTC
LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/gregarmer
Twitter twitter.com/gregarmer
Github github.com/gregarmer
Launchpad launchpad.net/~wiqd
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Sometimes I just want to give it all up and become a handsome billionaire.