These are some of the open source projects that I am currently working on.


flake8-diff allows you to run flake8 over a set of changed files and filter out violations that would be introduced by merging those changes.

I use this as part of my build / CI infrastructure to alert developers opening pull requests to new violations their pull request will introduce, if it were merged.

You can find the code here. And some more info here.


puppetlast is a simple python script that shows the last connect time of puppet nodes. It currently displays them in red / green depending on if they’ve connected in the past 30 minutes.

Warning: This code needs a lot of work, but it’s in working condition.


trunserver is a simple replacement for the built-in Django runserver command that uses the far more polished and multiple process capable Twisted Web server. It currently handles the same autoreload-after-save provided by the built-in Django runserver command.

You can grab it on pypi too at


Gina is an XMPP bot written in Python that leverages off the excellent Twisted library. It allows you to subscribe to your RSS/Atom feeds which are sent to you whenever a feed updates along with the summary of the update. It is built around a plugin style architecture that makes it really easy to write your own plugins to extend functionality. There is also the humble beginning of an alarm / reminder plugin.


Thoth is a pastebin with IRC integration. Thoth is written in Python and makes use of the Twisted, Nevow and Axiom libraries. This project is still relatively new so there is only a basic implementation so far.


Kali is an IRC services packaged developed by and for the Shadowfire IRC network.