Getting Git man pages on OS X

For some reason the OS X install of Git doesn’t include the manpages. Here is how I installed them.

Using a ZFS filesystem with Time Machine

This simple how-to explains how to get your Time Machine backups working with a ZFS filesystem. This allows you to use the features of ZFS filesystems for your Time Machine backups.

Please note this is for Mac OS X - Snow Leopard.

New addition to the family

So after much anticipation, many tireless weeks of spec checking and a whole bunch of money I was really glad to be on the receiving end of a brand spanking new 17” MacBook Pro!

Although it has been less than 72 hours this is (so far) truly the most amazing piece of computer equipment I have ever owned, honestly worth every single cent! The initial setup was completely flawless and only took a few minutes. The graphics, resolution and performance are exceptional, in fact I haven’t even had to switch over from the standard “on-board” video card to the higher end controller yet, despite putting the GPU through a thorough beating, testing out the Quake 4 demo :P