Using a ZFS filesystem with Time Machine

This simple how-to explains how to get your Time Machine backups working with a ZFS filesystem. This allows you to use the features of ZFS filesystems for your Time Machine backups.

Please note this is for Mac OS X - Snow Leopard.

Quick Solaris zone stats

Add this: alias zonestat="prstat -vZ 1 1 | grep -A50 '^ZONEID'" to your ~/.profile and you should see something like this when running it: root@tank:~# zonestat ZONEID NPROC SWAP RSS MEMORY TIME CPU ZONE 0 58 1198M 1206M 30% 16:15:40 1.7% global 6 25 172M 175M 4.4% 0:03:14 0.0% cl-build 2 27 48M 31M 0.8% 0:00:47 0.0% mirror Total: 110 processes, 534 lwps, load averages: 0.09, 0.08, 0.

The basics of ZFS ACLs

This post was mostly inspired by reading this post in trying to get my head around the ZFS ACL and permission system.