Announcing flake8-diff


This utility allows you to run flake8 over a set of changed files and filter out violations that would be introduced by merging those changes.

We use this as part of our build / CI infrastructure to alert developers opening pull requests to new violations their pull request will introduce, if it were merged.

nginx, Apache 2 and subversion - 502 Bad Gateway error

The Problem

I recently ran into this problem and couldn’t find any useful information on the net around fixing it. All subversion checkouts, commits and other basic operations work just fine, but when attempting to copy, move or tag (copy) I would get the below (502 Bad Gateway) error.

Forking background processes in Python

This post attempts to explain how to fork child processes in Python, or at least how to use forking on an existing Python script. For some strange reason I’ve had to explain this a few times recently, so I decided an easy to reference blog post would probably make life a little easier.

The impact of being behind schedule

In managing a group of software engineers, this is something that has happened frequently in my team and has been bothering me for a while. It’s a lot easier for me to notice, as in my case, I actively write software with my team.